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Abs - in a highly toned, ceramic, body

So. I have now created a five part mould using 3D printed parts and a novel approach to building the mould itself. Pretty happy with the out come, though may make a few small changes. The biggest challenge is getting the slip to drain away - but bigger should be better.Actually, the biggest challenge is finding out if anybody cares! I like the form, and think it has scope for improvement, but will possible buyers?

So - now joined Instagram to see if I can get feedback, and posted here of course. Failing any response here I'll tie notes to them and throw them through peoples' windows...erm maybe that just seems needy! - actually it is needy!

It surprises me how much I still have to learn about slip casting after all, I've been doing this for nearly eighteen months now - oh right - that might explain it.

But I have been developing a few mould improvements. I now add 10% pva to the liquid mix, so the water+pva makes up 100% (90%-10%) also found using distilled water improves the quality of the mould. Presently using 80 parts of water to 100 of plaster. My spreadsheet for calculating the amount of plaster for a given mould size seems to be working well, and is available here.

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