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What doesn't kill you...makes you greyer

In the event of a full power black out, I am now capable of stripping down and reassembling my Crealility CR 10 - S 3D printer in the dark. I have done it so many times in desperate search for what was not working properly.

I can now name by touch, smell, and probably taste,

each of the parts. Particularly the bowden tubes and hot end seals.

Now, you might think that this is a ceramists (or ceramafacturer as "Rossinator" like I am trying to insist on being called) website. No indeedy, this is a 3d printer website, who sometimes gets the chance to make a ceramic form.

Ok - delicate rant over. You can tell from that, that I've had "a few problems" with the printer. However, rather than give in, throw the printer out of the window, and buy a more expensive one, I tried the "fix it" approach. So, not £3000 for a new printer, but £45 for a few spare parts and then a couple of hours learning to strip and rebuild the printer, and I'm up an running again.

Which is just as well. As I am working on a new piece "Art by Subtraction" above, which I am quite excited by. Oh, I'm also working on a chess site, and a new shakespeare product, so the printer is chugging away 24 hours a day.

But, looking in the mirror, I seem a bit more grey and haggard than I recall, but perhaps that's just my memory going!

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