The good, the bad and the not very smugly

A two steps back forward and one back and am up and down week.I have enjoyed thinking about my bread and butter and arty pieces for the course, mostly that's the good. I am able to come up with product ideas. One I'm a little worried about, whether putting the head of the statue of liberty in place of the torch she is holding, is a good idea, is questionable! The second challenge is making the piece(s) which could be good or bad. Seeing the National Trust tomorrow to discuss my ideas, which I am looking forward to as well. The other not very smugly is the failure of my new 3d printer to actually print, which is very annoying, and (might) teach me to be not so smug about using technology. I

It's a 3D world

So, recently, I've been doing much more work with 3D models. Very much helped by having been lent a 3D printer. Its got great potential. But also some problems. The technology isn't in its infancy, but is still getting there. But two things (at least) make it exciting. First is the very wide range of models already available to work with. Were I to want to cast a bust of Shakespeare, I could find a model to work on free, immediately, and there are thousands of model available, and more being made all the time. The second thing is the way it may be possible to speed up mould making. I read recently of someone who 3d printed the cast of a mould. Very clever. Personally I like the process. If t

Today, continuing the rest of my life

So far today I have: Carried out trouble shooting on the 3D printer that I am borrowing, turns out that the way to trouble shoot a 3D printer is to turn it on an off again! Good to know, that. Researched what bread and butter product I might like to make for my ceramics product. Something with moulds I think, and maybe cute monster that my daughter used to draw. That would combine 3d printing. Wrote some more of my new book, The Battling Barringtons. Should get to the 15000 word target by this time next week. Going to post the opening section here to see what if any reaction I get (well none right now as the website isn't ready to publish!). Researched how molds were made, and the different

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