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Moulding the future?

Been working on a multi-part mould for a new piece. The piece was designed using 3D builder, software from Microsoft. The program provides lots of basic shapes, which I used to create a "pleasing form" (at least it pleased me!).

The challenge is then turning that computer file into a ceramic form. Well actually the challenges include printing the file, turning the print into a mould, then casting it, then firing it etc etc. But first things first.

Not wanting to just print something that can't be turned into a mould... actually that should say ""not wanting to do that again".. I've embarked on a cunning plan.

That plan involves printing each part of the mould form separately, and building the mould bit by bit.

So, having worked out that I need a six piece (!) mould to make this form work, I've started on that journey. two pieces down, and the mould started. Join me over the coming days to see if it all comes together, or I fall apart!

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