Moulding... my empire

Well, the step by step mould is coming together. Three pieces cast in two hours at college. Now working on plaster with special additives of pva glue and de-ionised water, both of which come heavily Interweb and recommended. The latter also has various scientific papers backing up its use, such as the snappily titled "Effects of preparation variables of plaster molds for slip casting sanitary ware" Dry it might sound, but a good read if you're trying to get hard, er - plaster! The forms are coming out well, and the plaster pours very nicely, just need to see if they work well as moulds when the time comes! With luck, a following wind, and a working printer I might finish the Art by Subtracti

Moulding the future?

Been working on a multi-part mould for a new piece. The piece was designed using 3D builder, software from Microsoft. The program provides lots of basic shapes, which I used to create a "pleasing form" (at least it pleased me!). The challenge is then turning that computer file into a ceramic form. Well actually the challenges include printing the file, turning the print into a mould, then casting it, then firing it etc etc. But first things first. Not wanting to just print something that can't be turned into a mould... actually that should say ""not wanting to do that again".. I've embarked on a cunning plan. That plan involves printing each part of the mould form separately, and building

Watch that first step - it's a doozie!

That, as you almost certainly know, is a line from Ground Hog day, one of my favourite films. In a way, it's a strange choice for a quote. My first thought was a comment on what it's like to decide unequivocally on your next career choice, as I have. But, the warning in the film comes as Bill Murray's character has already slipped. The point being that often you are already well into the cold wet water of reality before you realise that you've made that fateful step. So, in reality, I decided sometime ago. But now, now, it is becoming real. Products are being planned and made that I hope to sell. This is both exciting and frightening. Especially because I don't intend to make what is already

Ready, steady Woah!

I have often said that I'd rather spend 10 hours getting 1 thing absolutely right than, getting 10 things "good enough" in the same time frame. Actually I'd like to get 10 things absolutely right in an hour . So, this Monday was a bit of an unusual event. I was working on a chess set for my final college piece, or possibly a final college piece, and made 10 pieces for the chess set in just under an hour. I was using a marbling technique to add some depth and interest to the pieces. The challenge being that with slip casting you can't be sure of the result until the form comes out of the mould. I'd work out a process, which I followed diligently , with blind confidence, but no certainty/ I

What doesn't kill you...makes you greyer

In the event of a full power black out, I am now capable of stripping down and reassembling my Crealility CR 10 - S 3D printer in the dark. I have done it so many times in desperate search for what was not working properly. I can now name by touch, smell, and probably taste, each of the parts. Particularly the bowden tubes and hot end seals. Now, you might think that this is a ceramists (or ceramafacturer as "Rossinator" like I am trying to insist on being called) website. No indeedy, this is a 3d printer website, who sometimes gets the chance to make a ceramic form. Ok - delicate rant over. You can tell from that, that I've had "a few problems" with the printer. However, rather than give in

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