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2 from 1 can be done!

Been working for sometime on the design of a form which can be used to create a two part mould in a single print.


Good question! Well, partly because I'm not very good at making moulds the traditional way, and finding new approaches is partly what I do. Also because if I can get it to work I believe it will be possible to create a two part mould of a complex design in a timeline dictated only by the time it takes the plaster to dry. With traditional mould making techniques one of the key delays is the time it takes to bury half the form in clay, then dig it out which takes up much of the time.


So, this is two sides of the same printed form. Each element has been carefully designed based on my experience using 3d printing to make forms.

The blue semi circles protruding from the wall help provide a base for the cottle walls when the form is poured.

The 4 small blue circles are where notches will be added. The cuts and curves have been cut to maximise the ease of release of plaster. This is printing even as I type, so whether it works, I will know soon. But I have some degree of confidence.


Going to start on a period of design and build over the next few months, ready for the coming year when we hope to hit the stands and shows with plenty of designs.

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