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Ready, steady Woah!

I have often said that I'd rather spend 10 hours getting 1 thing absolutely right than, getting 10 things "good enough" in the same time frame. Actually I'd like to get 10 things absolutely right in an hour .

So, this Monday was a bit of an unusual event.

I was working on a chess set for my final college piece, or possibly a final college piece, and made 10 pieces for the chess set in just under an hour. I was using a marbling technique to add some depth and interest to the pieces. The challenge being that with slip casting you can't be sure of the result until the form comes out of the mould.

I'd work out a process, which I followed diligently , with blind confidence, but no certainty/

I am a man of few words and a generally cautious demeanour when it comes to assessing my work and how it is going. My wife more often hears exclamations of dismay and maybe the odd Anglo Saxon word

So, you might imagine her surprise to hear quite the opposite, exclamations of delight, ready, steady "woah! - yeah" in actuality.

So, yes, I find I can feel a thrill when it all comes right , so now I have to see if I can find that thrill, again, and again, hmm, back to the roller coaster!

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