Burnin up in the Dordogne

Well, it's been a funny old couple of weeks since I last wrote here Partly that's to do with being in the Dordogne, France ostensibly on a Rakku course. I say ostensibly because the level of actual training in Raku techniques and theory has been quite low. But that doesn't mean it hasn't been an enjoyable learning experience. I made the best coil pot I have made. Ok it was only the third one I have ever made, but I haven't previously had the time and space to do that type of building work, and was pleased to find put what I can make. The time away with the other students of the course, and our tutor, has been very valuable, as a "team building/bonding" event. We gelled well over our shared

If I'm not on a roller coaster - why does it feel like I am?

Have you had one of those days? You know. They start at 6.00, though you've been awake since 4.30 - thinking about mould designs. At six you work out how you want the mould to look, and by 6.45 have designed it. Then the modelling software wont't load it properly into the slicer software. Eventually you discover a work around for that and at 7.15 are ready to start the 3d printer. But the printer - which needs to be level, won't level, no matter how hard you try. Well of course, it will eventually, but eventually is a lonnnnng time. 9.00 and the printer starts its 22 hour run. 4 hours in and the nozzle blocks (set to the recommended 200oC, should have used the 205oC I find works better. So,

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