An errant knight on the tiles

Been thinking about the tiles etc made over the last few days, and those we plan to make tomorrow. Whilst those tiles were only intended to be practise tiles with little/no long term value. As I reflect on then I am unhappy. I want everything I turn out to look like it took every part of my effort, that I really tried at least. There is a difference (obviously) between striving for perfection (which cannot be achieved (?)) and striving to put the best possible result together (best possible you can do). Listening to "The \Art of Fielding" (The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach (ISBN: 8601300027159)) . The mental breakdown of Henry is put down to this (Henry's philosophy . "You improved little

The colour purple

Just finished listening to the colour purple on Audible, written and read by Alice Walker. One of the most moving and thought provoking books I have listened to for a long time. Recent listens include Crime and Punishment (Originally published: 1866, Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky). The Heart is a Lonely (Originally published: 1940 Author: Carson McCullers, and On the Road (Originally published: 5 September 1957 Author: Jack Kerouac). So in good company! Anyhoo, a key theme I took away was the way we grow to wisdom as we grow older. It would be interesting to reflect on how that growth and change can be represented in clay. It echoes the idea the"youth is wasted on the young" (George Bernard

Juggling cracked eggs

Today was spent slip casting with porcelain slip/. One model in particular was very thin, left for less than 35 seconds in the mould. The way the slip does (and does not) peal away from the mould is particularly interesting. That is part of the interest of slip casting. The way each pour is impacted by the slip condition, the particular mould and the air temperature (and humidity). But also there is the challenge of physically handling the cast face, deciding when/if/how to clean it up. I seem to enjoy trying to get the thinnest possible face, but would also like to better understand the mould making process, and improving the detail within the face itself. Note to self, I need to photogra

Going around the curve

So the first production piece is to be on the idea of a curve, a piece which visitors to the college can interact with, and is mainly ceramic. I have a number of ideas in mind, but what is interesting is what I do and don't want the piece to be about. Firstly, it can't just be a curve, or about a curve - I immediately thought about a "learning curve" - given where we are. Underlying my thoughts is that I will want the piece to reflect the idea in at least three different ways. If it was a "simple curve" it might have to be tracing the path of a baseball -a curve ball. Also it will have to be something that grows with understanding. Not really sure why, aside from the fact that I have alway

Great Art should never be mushed...

With a seeming inability to type the, always typing th e(whatever word) it has taken me an hour to get to this point in the blog. That will teach me not to say "isn't technology wonderful" just before I started this, this blog, thing. Anyhoo, I am starting a new journey having begin my Level 4 BTEC HNC Diploma in 3D Design at Swindon College today. Part of which requires that I keep a personal development log. I had hoped that might be a small piece of lumber that sat in the corner barking orders at me (get it?) but apparently simple puns are just for simpletons, and won't be allowed here. So, today - 20th September 2017, I developed in what ways... I realised that going back to college at t

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