Anyone for Tea Lights?

Been a mad rush to get to the end of the two college projects, but looking back I seem to have achieved quite a lot. 3 x Tea Light designs, a nice Buddha face and Emoji desk tidies. Of course, I have no idea whether any of these will sell. But, really, right now, my goal is to get to a point where I am producing work of a quality that could sell. I think I am on the edge of that. I'll know better tomorrow, when I see Angelsey Abbey National Trust again with my "final" pieces. The blue bar ones I like, not so sure about the rougher design ones, don't think they are quite right yet. The 3d Printer still causes me various headaches, usually associated (I suspect) with the software used to drive

Marking Time?

This weekend was the weekend of the great, "let's try to have a stall" experiment.So,we laid our plans carefully, with 7 volunteers over two days to really blitz the market scene. Attending Jubilee market, next to Covent Garden in London. I made a recce beforehand and one of the team did lots of work designing the stall. Items were planned to be made, and some were made. Quite when the wheels came off I;m not sure. First was the announcement by one that they'd have no product, but could attend. Next That the person bringing the product down to the market couldn't make it. Then, hurrah, they could. Then, well hen it got even more confusing with illnesses and bereavements and what with the bl

Betting on The National?

Well, here's a nice thing! Been working hard on a college project. For which I had to go to a local National Trust site (Angelsey Abbey). Chatted to the nice people in the gift shop who gave me guidance on the type of product they would like to sell. Off I went, to see what I could come up with - College Assignments are like that, they make you do things! Anyhoos and ways, on track to complete the assignment, I had to go back to the site to see what they thought of the things I had made, and (to my surprise) they really liked them! Who'd have thunk it? So, now I have to start to become a proper Ceramafacturer ! If I go back with final "Quality Control" pieces, they will stock them, subject

Squaring up to the curves

Phew, it was a close run thing. When you find that your mould is leaking and you're pouring 2 pints of Casting Slip onto the garage floor, there are two things you can do. The sensible one turns out to be "stop pouring the slip". First I tried "hoping the slip hardens and acts as a plug " - it doesn't - not soon enough anyway. So, with a deadline rushing towards me (or was I rushing towards it?) and my "bespoke piece a large puddle on the garage floor, I was somewhat discouraged. But. I have found I learn from experience, and had (with foresight!) purchased 6 pints of Slip. Time to try again. BTW. Anybody paying close attention to this Blog (why?) would see that the image above is the cera

Another day another Holler

Over the last week I have continued to backward and forward. The 3d printing is working better with a nice vase form being printed on my new printer, but the normally reliable smaller printer refusing to deliver. Such are the vagaries of that technology, in many ways very similar to ceramics. But, the opportunities opened by the technology are becoming more clear, with some novel approaches to developing forms showing their promise. But, then the glazing of pieces didn't all work as they should, and forms got stuck in moulds, and I'm rushing to get ready for Jubilee Market next week, and I wonder why I bother. That's when the eyes must be kept on the prize. My own self supporting studio, reg

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