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Marking Time?

This weekend was the weekend of the great, "let's try to have a stall" experiment.So,we laid our plans carefully, with 7 volunteers over two days to really blitz the market scene. Attending Jubilee market, next to Covent Garden in London. I made a recce beforehand and one of the team did lots of work designing the stall. Items were planned to be made, and some were made.

Quite when the wheels came off I;m not sure. First was the announcement by one that they'd have no product, but could attend. Next That the person bringing the product down to the market couldn't make it. Then, hurrah, they could. Then, well hen it got even more confusing with illnesses and bereavements and what with the blizzard and the sub zero temperatures...

So, from 7 people plus 3 partners/friends over 2 days we were reduced to 5 people plus two partners over 1 day. Then, as the "Beast from the East 2" threatened to strike, we became 3 plus 2 friends over 4 hours!.

Four hours it turns out it not really a good length of time to learn much, but we still learned a great deal:

The Market stall holders are very helpful.

Marking your product "made in Britain" and "Hand Made" would be good

Clear pricing is helpful

Having better packaging would be good

Clearer labels as to what things are would help

A video of us potting might encourage interest!

Having crates marked for particular items/store would speed things up.

If you're going to take clamps, take big clamps

Substitute "lights" as well in the sentence above.

But, it was fun, and good experience, and I'll be doing an Arnie (I'll be back) sometime in the future.

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