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The edited highlights:

Born in Harrow and raised in Cambridge, incredible upper-class credentials wasted on a Secondary Modern school boy.

Started working in 1976 as an o'level qualified  clerk in Lloyds Bank. Over 25 years there gained a degree in Psychology, and MBA, a wife and two children. Had roles with Lloyds Bank which included cashiering, personal lending, running a small business centre, working with larger commercial customers, Regional Sales Manager and Head Office and many more in between. Launched the first Lloyds Bank website, business debit card, and fixed business rate loans. Worked in Cambridge-Huntington- London - Cambridge (again)- Ipswich- Cambridge (again again) - Bristol - Huddersfield (what!) - and Blackburn.

During that time played Hockey and Squash then took up running, eventually taking part in Marathons and cross country runs of over 40 miles. Best run 42 miles across the North Yorkshire hills in 6 1/2 hours. Now into Yoga, Running and Cycling.

Then - after 25 years, I got fed up.  Actually I was fed up sooner than that!

So, I left LloydsTSB (as it was) to join a customer. A Nasdaq funded, UK based, Science based start up - Bradford Particle Design, based in er Bradford,  A small change from banking. After 5 years (for me) that business closed down and the science park we were on lost most of its science.

So, I set up an Scientific Analysis business (Agenda1) and brought the science back to the site. After ten years I sold that business and returned to the south. Just South of Cambridge. Here I am learning to work with clay, attend a course in Swindon 2 days a week and write novels in my spare time. (Well, 2 written 1 moving forward at 1250 words per day).

You might think than none of this prepared me for a world of ceramafacturing, or 3D printing, but it turns out it seems to have been very good preparation - who'd have thought it!

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