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Completed Novels


Orphaned at six, Detective Constable Ian Thompson is already carrying a lot of history.

But when his colleagues begin to suspect he is a killer, then things can only get worse. Ian knows the only way to prove his innocence is to reveal long-hidden secrets, which could destroy his career even before it has begun.


For failed writer Edgar Johnson, it is a job to die for. Which, since his collaborators aren't (strictly speaking) alive, seems appropriate. However, it soon becomes apparent there is a story he cannot write, and his sanity, and his very soul, are at risk.

The Old Sweet Shop is mourning being robbed of its role as a centre of the community, and ambivalent towards its new owners. As the Barringtons, (Grandmother, Mother, Father and the twins), take on a year which will change all their lives forever, the house grows to accept and, maybe, even love them.

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A dead father with too many secrets lies murdered. Two sons, twins in all respects except blood, know who the killer is. Caught up in a trial which will change the world, they know that to be able to live, one of them must die.

A children's story about Cherry Hinton and Burton Goggles, the world's greatest

unliving detective.

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