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Projects as they develop


Right now I'm working on 'The Three Wives of Charlie Mellon. This is a departure for me, it is a character-driven story. The blurb will be along the lines of:

"Charlie‘s problems began to fizzle when he bought one thousand left-foot trainers and exploded when a deer tried to join him in the cab of his van, but it was his ex-wife’s email introducing him to ‘femme fatal’ Marianne and duplicitous Giselle, which sent things sky high."


I have been experimenting with the use of AI. The tile below began as a prompt to an AI. I like the idea that I made a physical object from the "mind" of an AI.

I'm also working on the AI-generated picture of David Bowie, to see if I can turn it into a tile.

Otherwise, I'm working on a larger Czech Vase and a larger Melon vase, see links, both using my new Creality K1 - Max 3D printer, which I love. Once those are ok I'd like to develop a Moon vase, but emboss AI-generated patterns onto the surface. I like the idea of the mix of old and new.

Oh. I'm also trying to recreate very old (2000 years old plus) pieces by downloading open-source 3D models and trying to make moulds from those.

Nov 27th 2023

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