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Anyone for Tea Lights?

Been a mad rush to get to the end of the two college projects, but looking back I seem to have achieved quite a lot. 3 x Tea Light designs, a nice Buddha face and Emoji desk tidies. Of course, I have no idea whether any of these will sell. But, really, right now, my goal is to get to a point where I am producing work of a quality that could sell. I think I am on the edge of that. I'll know better tomorrow, when I see Angelsey Abbey National Trust again with my "final" pieces. The blue bar ones I like, not so sure about the rougher design ones, don't think they are quite right yet.

The 3d Printer still causes me various headaches, usually associated (I suspect) with the software used to drive the printer, so I'm going to work on that a bit more - luckily I have loads of spare time!

More and more I seem uinlikely to do the HND course next year. I enjoy some of it, and like the people, but - well, I'm not really getting the chance to do my own stuff enough. There might be the opportunity to support the CAD aspect of the course next year, but I need to be careful not to get distracted.

Went to Ceramic Art London on Saturday - particularly liked the work of Jongjin Park ( May well try to emuate some of what he does.

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