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Squaring up to the curves

Phew, it was a close run thing. When you find that your mould is leaking and you're pouring 2 pints of Casting Slip onto the garage floor, there are two things you can do. The sensible one turns out to be "stop pouring the slip". First I tried "hoping the slip hardens and acts as a plug " - it doesn't - not soon enough anyway.

So, with a deadline rushing towards me (or was I rushing towards it?) and my "bespoke piece a large puddle on the garage floor, I was somewhat discouraged. But. I have found I learn from experience, and had (with foresight!) purchased 6 pints of Slip. Time to try again.

BTW. Anybody paying close attention to this Blog (why?) would see that the image above is the ceramic incarnation of the 3d mould I mentioned in "Another Day, Another Holler"

This time I plugged the mould, and yeh! it worked! First two vases now poured and decorated, third drying, what with firing, should just make it for the 21st. If only kilns didn't take so long to cool down, life would be so much easier.

BUT - again! I have enjoyed this process. The mould (which works very well) was cast using a technique I have invented (more of that later) and using decorating slip has been easier than I expected. I can see that this could be a product that might sell.

Talking of which - see my next post, Betting on The National!

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