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Betting on The National?

Well, here's a nice thing!

Been working hard on a college project. For which I had to go to a local National Trust site (Angelsey Abbey). Chatted to the nice people in the gift shop who gave me guidance on the type of product they would like to sell.

Off I went, to see what I could come up with - College Assignments are like that, they make you do things!

Anyhoos and ways, on track to complete the assignment, I had to go back to the site to see what they thought of the things I had made, and (to my surprise) they really liked them! Who'd have thunk it?

So, now I have to start to become a proper Ceramafacturer ! If I go back with final "Quality Control" pieces, they will stock them, subject to being added to their supplier list.

How do I feel about that? Please and a little surprised. Yes, it has become my plan to do just this, but to see your plans work out is always a surprise. Not betting the farm on it, but a good start.

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