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Another day another Holler

Over the last week I have continued to backward and forward. The 3d printing is working better with a nice vase form being printed on my new printer, but the normally reliable smaller printer refusing to deliver. Such are the vagaries of that technology, in many ways very similar to ceramics. But, the opportunities opened by the technology are becoming more clear, with some novel approaches to developing forms showing their promise. But, then the glazing of pieces didn't all work as they should, and forms got stuck in moulds, and I'm rushing to get ready for Jubilee Market next week, and I wonder why I bother.

That's when the eyes must be kept on the prize. My own self supporting studio, regular attendance at Fairs and Shows and then eventually selling via galleries. I have mapped out the route, and just have to accept their will be a lot of stones and shouting on the road

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