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Ceramifacturing - living in a semi ctrl-Z world

Been working on making moulds and casting pieces over the last few weeks. Particularly using 3D printing to produce the forms I use to make the moulds. The level of control, and the ability to change one aspect at a time to improve the final result being very appealing to me. People say I'm a perfectionist, but really I just like things to be right!

An interesting aspect of this type of work is that in planning the piece and designing the form the wonderful two buttons on the computer Ctrl-Z are always there to allow me to step back on the mistakes, I mean sub-optimal steps.

The downside of this is that when you actually step into the studio Ctrl-Z no longer applies! When I start to tidy up a cast mould you can't unscrape what has been scraped!

But, in my mind, this is a good discipline. It reminds me that actions have consequences! Also it builds bravery, you need the confidence to try something and accept it might not work and that there will be no returning. Living with failing (or learning ways not to do things!) is a good reminder.

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