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Rage against the machinations

Course work for professional development is a big necessary evil. I recognise that I need to have a professional plan, but equally I mainly learn by doing, and by handling what goes wrong when it happens. Having got to this point in my career, where I am in effect retired, I don't need to treat this as quite the job that the HNC course encourages me to do. I guess the key point is to take the bits I really need. The focus on goals, with the main goal of "becoming a ceramic artist focused on slip casting". I believe that there is a market available in that area, and it is one that I can become a leader in, because there are few people racing in that area. But I am not doing this for the recognition that might come, but to really see what can be done in the area. So - in developing my plans, all my focus should be on "how will I get to be recognised at trade shows as "the slip casting man" in the way that David Roberts is the "Rakku man".

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