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The good, the bad and the not very smugly

A two steps back forward and one back and am up and down week.I have enjoyed thinking about my bread and butter and arty pieces for the course, mostly that's the good. I am able to come up with product ideas. One I'm a little worried about, whether putting the head of the statue of liberty in place of the torch she is holding, is a good idea, is questionable! The second challenge is making the piece(s) which could be good or bad. Seeing the National Trust tomorrow to discuss my ideas, which I am looking forward to as well. The other not very smugly is the failure of my new 3d printer to actually print, which is very annoying, and (might) teach me to be not so smug about using technology. I hadn't wanted to have to learn too much about 3d printing - just to use it. But the step up to the new printer isn't so easy.

The arty ideas did fill me with more enthusiasm than I expected, so that's a positive aspect. Perhaps I should just get people to make things for me to sell! - A partnership like that might work!

Visited Jubilee market to see how The Ceramic Pod stall will work, the planning continues well for that.

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