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It's a 3D world

So, recently, I've been doing much more work with 3D models. Very much helped by having been lent a 3D printer. Its got great potential. But also some problems. The technology isn't in its infancy, but is still getting there.

But two things (at least) make it exciting.

First is the very wide range of models already available to work with. Were I to want to cast a bust of Shakespeare, I could find a model to work on free, immediately, and there are thousands of model available, and more being made all the time.

The second thing is the way it may be possible to speed up mould making. I read recently of someone who 3d printed the cast of a mould. Very clever.

Personally I like the process. If the weather wasn't do cold I'd be out making moulds all the time! So I can see this may well be a route I will take in the future. The scope is phenomenal, and with very few ceramic artists working in this area, I can be ground breaking.

On that last note, a review of artists on the Studio Pottery website (400 artists) - showed very few (1 in 20 or so) who use slip casting. None of the few I found made reference to 3D printing.

Oh - and of course - all this ignores that you can now buy printers which print using slip, and cut out the mould making process entirely!

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