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Today, continuing the rest of my life

So far today I have:

Carried out trouble shooting on the 3D printer that I am borrowing, turns out that the way to trouble shoot a 3D printer is to turn it on an off again! Good to know, that.

Researched what bread and butter product I might like to make for my ceramics product. Something with moulds I think, and maybe cute monster that my daughter used to draw. That would combine 3d printing.

Wrote some more of my new book, The Battling Barringtons. Should get to the 15000 word target by this time next week. Going to post the opening section here to see what if any reaction I get (well none right now as the website isn't ready to publish!).

Researched how molds were made, and the different types of molds there are.

Set a new 3D print running, also cast some models, including one using a mould I made. Just realized

I left that latter standing upright, not a good idea.

Oh, and nearly set the kitchen on fire as someone (not me!) had filed the instructions for the little desk top oven, in the oven, under a tray, where they could only be smelt not seen!

So, my days are full, but still seem that I am a bit empty. Still searching around for what I want to do, hoping I'll get there soon.

Oh - and built some more of the website and wrote this!

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