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Clearing fog with a fly swat

Been a while since I’ve been here. Views are slowly coalescing. The Grafton centre showing I did provided interesting food for thought, as has been some of the project development work. A comment from M on the course that “you are a perfectionist” struck me as strange. My view is that my work is too sloppy. But I guess that is what someone who is a perfectionist might say! – Now I reflect on it! I like to get feed back on my work – but actually I find I doubt what people say (especially when they are positive).

My recent trip to London taking photographs of statues and turning them into 3D models was also interesting. It confirmed my interest in the technical challenges of producing work. That interest in the technical side also came out in my making of forms to produce the waves and tiles for the pushing the boundary project. It also points to my desire to continue building the business side, because, because why – need to really think about that. What am I trying to prove by building the business side? I really need to think harder about this aspect.

As I have been working I have developed my drawing skills – much to my own resistance, but this is also something I enjoy and is helping me get my ideas into better shape when trying to create new work.

More and more I can see a desire to produce something which would be recognised as a “work of art” at the same time as building my practical skills. One aspect if the course that is clear is my annoyance with the boundaries, timelines and restrictions put on us. This again points to my idea to be an artist working alone in my own garret!

Bit of a mish mash here - but I do like the idea of building on the moulding side with the 3D printing aspects as well.

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