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An errant knight on the tiles

Been thinking about the tiles etc made over the last few days, and those we plan to make tomorrow. Whilst those tiles were only intended to be practise tiles with little/no long term value. As I reflect on then I am unhappy. I want everything I turn out to look like it took every part of my effort, that I really tried at least. There is a difference (obviously) between striving for perfection (which cannot be achieved (?)) and striving to put the best possible result together (best possible you can do). Listening to "The \Art of Fielding" (The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach (ISBN: 8601300027159)) . The mental breakdown of Henry is put down to this (Henry's philosophy . "You improved little by little till the day it all became perfect and stayed that way. Forever" (54.12). Unable to be perfect, Henry ends up quitting in the middle of a game. ( But I do seem to have a desire to try to make the results better and better each time, Even for the practise tiles. I'd rather make 4 good demo tiles than 30 that explore a wider range of options, but don't look good.

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