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Great Art should never be mushed...

With a seeming inability to type the, always typing th e(whatever word) it has taken me an hour to get to this point in the blog. That will teach me not to say "isn't technology wonderful" just before I started this, this blog, thing.

Anyhoo, I am starting a new journey having begin my Level 4 BTEC HNC Diploma in 3D Design at Swindon College today. Part of which requires that I keep a personal development log. I had hoped that might be a small piece of lumber that sat in the corner barking orders at me (get it?) but apparently simple puns are just for simpletons, and won't be allowed here.

So, today - 20th September 2017, I developed in what ways...

I realised that going back to college at the ripe old age of "I have just retired" on the same day that my new business (erm - what does "I have just retired" mean?) gets its first big break, might not be a good idea. Still I'd only get bored if I had nothing to do.

I realised I have no idea about what I really want to achieve on this course. I have some idea that I want to create art work, but first have to decide on the audience. I guess that has to be me. Yes, I'd like people to like it as well, but if they don't then that shouldn't be my problem. I recall Linus (Charlie Brown) who had many of his drawings "Mushed up" by his sister:

So - I will aim to create "Great Art" and hope that no one Mushes over it.

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