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Here I've collected together some of the 3D printing resources I'm making available. 

A handy pouring spout, or at least a 3D printing file (STL file) file for one. I find this spout design helps give crisp edges to the forms. If you'd like an STL file of this, just drop me a line. A video of it in use will be available soon.

Here is the first video in a series I am developing showing how 3D printing tools can be used to support slip casting. This one is an introduction to how 3D builder software can be used to make a novel Tea Light form, with the ability to change the height of the form easily.

Plaster calculator. Working out how much plaster, water (and if you use it PVA) is always a bit of a challenge. Here is a link to a spreadsheet which can help you check your thoughts. It seems to be "about right", but remember the GIGA rule!

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